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Cyber Security Solution

There is no one silver bullet for cyber security. It takes a combination of the latest human expertise and continuosly improving technology to comprehensively predict, prevent, detect and respond to breaches.

It’s why F-Secure use what F-Secure learn from the front line of cyber security to constantly improve the software and services. F-Secure combine real-world experience and expert insights with smart, scalable software to help the customers tackle every threat head-on.

Aryaputera mengimplementasikan F-Secure di Indonesia dengan cara menggunakan perangkat lunak yang tepat untuk pada customer. Lebih dari itu kami mengkombinasikan pengetahuan paling mutakhir dan terus meningkatkan teknologi untuk memprediksi, mencegah, mendeteksi, dan menanggapi customer secara komprehensif.

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Network Edge As A Service

Cloudflare makes websites and web applications faster and more secure

Cloudflare Enterprise provides a platform to address key Internet security and performance use cases built upon a differentiated architecture that pairs scale, ease of use, and integrated performance and security with predictable pricing. Organizations benefit from everything Cloudflare Enterprise has to offer without the need to plan a long and costly deployment of disparate services.

Kami membantu mengimplementasikan praktik terbaik dalam penggunaan Cloudflare di Indonesia.

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Secure Networking Software Platform

Netgate mission is simple. Netgate provide leading-edge network security at a fair price – regardless of organizational size or network sophistication.

Netgate believe that an open-source security model offers disruptive pricing along with the agility required to quickly address emerging threats.

Netgate provides secure networking software platforms that enable customers to address firewall, routing, VPN, and other packet processing functions where they need them, when they need them – with extremely high value relative to expensive vendor-proprietary based alternatives.

Kami membantu mengimplementasikan praktik terbaik dalam penggunaan Netgate di Indonesia.

Safedns Indonesia

Content And Web Filtering

The efficiency of the SafeDNS web filtering service has been proved 3 times – starting from 2015 – by AV Comparatives, a world leading test lab. SafeDNS web filtering system is named Approved Parental Control Product.

According to the latest test results SafeDNS blocks 99.8% of requests to adult content, over 85% of other harmful content and has no false positives.

SafeDNS is Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) Member. IWF is a leading organization for reporting and removing online child sexual abuse images and videos. Being IWF Member, SafeDNS includes in its web filtering systems and blocks URLs of indecent images of children and abuse domains from Child Abuse Images and content list (CAIC) compiled by IWF. SafeDNS is also Friendly WiFi Approved Provider which means the content filtering solutions are recommended for public WiFi owners and providers seeking to ensure safe web connection for their users.

Kami membantu mengimplementasikan praktik terbaik dalam penggunaan SafeDNS di Indonesia.


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