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Safedns Indonesia

SafeDNS develops cloud-based web filtering and information security solutions. SafeDNS filtering servers are located throughout data centers in Africa, Australia, Europe, the Far East, and both Americas. Processing over 1 billion DNS queries each and every day from its end users utilizing the cloud fitering service. The SafeDNS products suite offers cloud services that are used by more than 100 telecom operators, 4,000 organizations and thousands of home users worldwide.

For Bussiness And Education

SafeDNS cloud-based service provides granular web filtering and high-quality online protection for educational institutions and enterprise businesses alike. Whether you are a small school or a universities, SMBs to enterprise or a non-profit, SafeDNS can satisfy your web filtering and security needs in a reasonable fashion.

For ISPs & Telecoms

SafeDNS has a wide range of solutions for ISPs and mobile operators of any size. SafeDNS provides the solutions for the telecom market to help companies to increase revenues, add new features and values to their services or comply with local laws and government regulations.

For Software & Hardware Vendors

In line with a new vision of internet security paradigm created by SafeDNS thus integrating the filtering service into hardware or software is indispensable for adding new features to increase the overall goal of analyzing users’ traffic to identify safety violations and potential malicious threats that might be present.

For Cyber Security Analysts

The SafeDNS analytical and threat intelligence system utilizes data accumulated by SafeDNS experts and presents it in a convenient, clear form. Passive DNS historical data also allows security teams to detect patterns of malicious activity, identify phishing and other targeted attacks in an efficient manner.

What Is Behind The SafeDNS Service

OVER 105 millions
domains in our database

60-120 categories
domains by subject

Machine Learning & Big Data
used to aggregate results in timely fashion

13 datacenters
Worldwide to help prepare for any type of geo-disaster to assist in your DR plan options

Additional Features

White Label

White Label

Opportunity to show
your own brand
instead SafeDNS

No Hardware

No Hardware

No additional costs
for service



Special app for
computers (optional)



Easily access management
terminal remotely from
anywhere the agent
or agentless installations are implemented



There is no limit of
the number of
end-users that can be included

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